Simcha Lauer (lawrence, New York)
& Rena Berkovits (Staten Island, New York)

Success Story

I must admit that I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole process of dating and being "set up" before I met Simcha. We all know that it can be pretty exhausting and uncomfortable to explain "who you are" and "who you're looking for" (when you're not even sure yourself what that means!) over and over again. I had been on YUConnects before and, after a break, I decided to sign up again and give it another shot. A friend of mine told me about a new connector that is super personal and sweet, Michelle Glatt. I added her and in less than 24 hours she accepted me and asked when we could speak to get to know each other. In less than 2 weeks, Michelle called me to let me know that she sent me a match and that her husband actually called him to get a sense of who he was before sending it to me. On our first date, Simcha did something no one else I had ever dated did. It might seem small, or cliche, but to me it was really significant. Before we bentched, he asked if he could share a little Torah, since it is important to have some Torah in every meal. I was blown away. I would have been too chicken to say that, even if I really did mean it. I had written that I believed that the Torah should really be alive to us in my YUConnects blurb but I really never imagined that someone would get it as well as the Glatts did when they set me up with Simcha. From that moment on I felt excited about dating again. I remembered that there is a chance that I will find the guy who cares about Torah as much as I do (actually way more) and that are were people who are excited to cheer us on along the way. Thanks YUConnects!