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Like a Bolt out of the Jew Comes a New Dating App August 20, 2015

JBolt: New Dating App Bolts Into the 21st Century July 23, 2015

A New Jewish Dating App Brings Real Matchmakers into the Mix July 13, 2015

Jewish Dating Apps and the Downfall of Jewish Marriage June 25, 2015

The New York Jewish Week - Earning Their Place In Heaven
How Michal Met Joey October 07, 2014

A Jewish Matchmaker Whose Hand Led Hundreds Down the Aisle August 15th, 2014

Two Bostonians are SawYouAtSinai’s 1,000th Engagement July 31st, 2014

SawYouAtSinai Celebrates 1000 Engagements in 10 Years July, 2014

Single Minded A New Dating Site For People Already In Love With Israel! October, 2013

A New Dating Site For People Already In Love With Israel October, 2013

Single Minded - A New Dating Site For People Already In Love With Israel! October, 2013

New aliyah-oriented dating site launched July, 2013

Coffee date chronicles: the path to a Jewish wedding February, 2013

Finding love, with a little mazel November, 2012

…Make me a match! August 30, 2012

Chabad Lubavitch World HQ / News Matchmaker, Matchmaker: JMontreal Expands To Three Cities In The US November 23, 2011

Jewish Woman International Shidduchim Go High-Tech Summer 2011

Jewish Woman International Love Experts - Matchmaking has been reclaimed Spring 2011

New Jersey - Jewish Standard
YU aims to help singles connect June 18, 2010

Jewish Scene Magazine - Earning Their Place In Heaven
Matchmaker Matchmaker, Make me a High-Tech Match April 01, 2009

The New York Jewish Week - Earning Their Place In Heaven
Earning Their Place In Heaven December 29, 2008

Jewish Press - SawYouAtSinai And YU Host Shabbos Nachamu Weekend SawYouAtSinai And YU Host Shabbos Nachamu Weekend July 23, 2008 From matches come flames Still a Jewish niche for professional setter-uppers June 30, 2008

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WJD Labor of love January 23, 2008

Jewish Press - Innovative Approach to Shidduch Crisis Innovative Approach to Shidduch Crisis January 11, 2008

Jewish-Dating-Press-The-Washington-Post Matchmaker Shul offers free dating service membership January 10, 2008


Matchmakers Help Jewish Singles Find Love December 28, 2007


Online Dating Putting You Off? Try a Matchmaker September 30, 2007

NYBluePrint - Wander Lust Wander Lust August 31, 2007

MacNewsWorld - The Many Faces of Online Dating The Many Faces of Online Dating August 2, 2007

Single Matchmakers are matchmaking too 5TJT Make Me a Match April 27, 2007

Centuries-old matchmaking festival comes to Pittsburgh's Strip District November 09, 2006


Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match September 22, 2006

Single Matchmakers are matchmaking too 5TJT Matchmaking Your Way September 21, 2006


For observant singles, a weekend to observe and be observed August, 2006



Jewish-Dating-Article-Sandiego-Jewish-Journal A Match Made on Sinai March, 2006


Move over, yentas: Matchmaking for the Orthodox hits the Internet Feb 28, 2006

Jewish-Dating-Article-Intermountain-Jewish-News Saw you at Sinai February 22, 2006


A Blast From the Past: Shadchanim Venture Online Sep 20, 2005


Matchmaker with a Mouse September 1, 2005


SawYouAtSinai Celebrates the Engagement of its 100th Member July 1, 2005


Singles go “Back to Camp” during Memorial Day Weekend getaway hit June 17, 2005

Jewish-Dating-Article-USC-School-Of-Journalism-and-Mass-Communications Online dating finds religion March 25, 2005 Web dating - out; yentas - in February 18, 2005 ONLINE DATING February 14, 2005

Jewish-Dating-Article-Sacbee Soulmate search February 12, 2005


Religious Dating Online February 11, 2005


Kollel initiates matchmaking effort February 11, 2005

Jewish-Dating-Article-Viewpoint NCYI to hold 4th Annual Shidduch Conference Fall 2004

Jewish-Dating-Article-The-Jewish-Week Five Steps To The Seven Circles November 12th, 2004 How we can help reverse the loneliness of those single looking to be married November 7th, 2004


Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me an E-Match August 22, 2004

Jewish-Dating-Press-JM-In-The-AM Radio Interview on Nachum Segal Show July 2, 2004


Matchmaking Innovations June 4, 2004


Prominent Rabbis OK Orthodox Dating Site May 28, 2004


Dude, where's my bashert? May 3, 2004


What Kind Of Kipa Do You Wear? April 9, 2004


Haven’t I Seen You Before? Feb 13, 2004 Synergizes Matchmaking and Online Dating February 1, 2004

SawYouAtSinai merges Jewish matchmaking with online Jewish dating. Jewish singles use a Jewish matchmaker, a shadchan, who sends them shidduchim (matches) so they can find their bashert. The matchmakers have found matches for Jewish singles all over the world including: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Toronto, Montreal, London, Manchester, England, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Israel, Johannesburg, Sydney and Melbourne to name a few places.